Tallship Eye of the Wind


What to Expect

Sailing on this more than 100 years old windjammer is like an unhurried journey into the past – combined with the comfort and safety standards of the present.

From the very first minute, our friendly and professional crew members will take care of your wellbeing and catering, and will give you advice on eventful shore leaves.

The sailing operation is carried out in the traditional way by hand, here on deck nothing happens "at the touch of a button". You may participate in the sailing activities at any time and always on a voluntary basis. Stand at the helm and steer the course, tie sailors’ knots, climb the rigging, and enjoy a unique view at the very front of the jib boom! Our friendly crew supports you expertly and safely in any weather. Of course, you can just relax, enjoy the motion of the hull, observe nature, count nautical miles and forget about everyday life. For longer trips, the planning of the stopovers usually happens at short notice and – whenever possible – taking into account your wishes and requests. This way you will experience a sailing trip with the Eye of the Wind as a pleasant maritime mix of adventure and comfort, participation and enjoyment. All travel offers include full board, too.

The varied sailing itinerary meets all requirements: the selection ranges from multi-hour day trips at harbor festivals to three-day taster trips or one-week discovery trips to a multi-week bluewater sailing trip across the Atlantic!

The choice of sailing areas varies with the change of seasons. In the summer months we visit attractive, annually varying harbors in Europe. Especially the waters around Scandinavia and along the German, British, French and Spanish coasts are our preferred destinations then. During the winter months, the Eye of the Wind heads for the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean Sea. Is your dream destination not being displayed in the trip finder? – Then please contact us with your individual suggestion for a new travel destination!

Please also browse through our on-board brochure (see below). It will give you an impression of everyday life on board and some further practical advice.


Take a look at our ship´s brochure (PDF)

Bordbuch Titel

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Eye of the Wind.

Bleiben Sie mit uns in Verbindung – mit unserem kostenlosen „Logbuch“ informieren wir Sie in ca. fünf Ausgaben pro Jahr über attraktive Reiseziele, tolle Angebote, Gewinnspiele und interessante Neuigkeiten rund um das Schiff und unsere Crew.

Ihr Eye of the Wind Team