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You will get the best impression of the Eye of the Wind in moving pictures and under full sails! In this video archive we have compiled the best selection of the most impressive and funniest clips for you. In our extensive Youtube playlist you will find up-to-date footage, but also clippings from the several Hollywood appearances of the Eye of the Wind such as movie scenes from "White Squall" (1996).

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Audio library

The tyfon of the Eye of the Wind is used as an acoustic signal during manoeuvers under engine, as a warning signal during foggy weather or simply as a friendly salutation between ships, wishing each other a good and safe voyage. Use the sound of the ship's tyfon as a distinctive and maritime ringtone for your mobile phone. Download the audio files for free just by clicking on the particular image.

The ship's bell of the Eye of the Wind serves as an acoustic signal during foggy weather, and it also indicates the lenght of the chain during an anchoring manoeuver. In the old days the bell was also used to indicate the time of day. In one scene of the Hollywood-movie "White Squall" this bell with its engraving WHERE WE GO ONE - WE GO ALL plays an important role. In the audio file you hear the spoken words "Where we go one - we go all" and two double-chimes of the bell. Striking the bell that way means either 2 o'clock, 6 o'clock or 10 o'clock. It also indicates that the shift for the watch in command is halfway over. The audio file has a lenght of approximately five seconds. Download the audio files for free just by clicking on the particular image.

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