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Current position of the Eye of the Wind:


The Eye of the Wind is finally back in European waters after two Atlantic crossings and some weeks in the Caribbean Sea.

At the end of May / beginning of June, our beautiful square-rigger will visit two ports for the first time ever.

We are going to sail from Ramsgate in Kent county to the seaport town of Emden in East Frisia –

in between there will be six relaxing days on board in the rhythm of the North Sea tides!      

For this sailing trip we would like to draw your attention to an exclusive last minute offer:


“Ebb and Flow of the North Sea”

From Ramsgate (Kent) to Emden (East Frisia) aboard the Eye of the Wind

  • Last minute offer: 1.440 Euro for two people!
  • 6 nights, accommodation in a comfortable double cabin, full board. Offer is valid as long as vacant spots are available!        
  • Travel date is Sunday, May 27th, until Saturday, June 2nd. Spring Bank Holiday falls during this period. You only need four days off!     
  • The sailing area: Thames estuary, English Channel and the Frisian island chain – varied seafaring experience, and safe sailing in coastal waters.
  • Sailing and manoeuvering on a 107-year-old windjammeryou may actively participate (always on a voluntary basis)!     
  • Upon arrival at the port of destination, the "Emden Herring Days" festival takes place – a gathering of traditional ships with a varied maritime program for visitors.


Please click here for further information about this sailing trip.

April / May 2018

Forget about price fixing! Turn our cruise fares upside down and propose your own new price!

How it works:

Please give us a non-committal proposal with your individual price presentation. There is no minimum limit for the amount of the price proposal!

This offer runs from May 01 to May 31, 2018.

The offer is valid for all sailing trips from the current sailing itinerary of the Eye of the Wind, but not for day trips (Hamburg Harbor Birthday, Kiel Sailing Week, etc.) and for already existent bookings.

The submission of a price proposal does not yet constitute a binding booking. Your desired price will be checked by us first. Within a few days you will receive a confirmation of whether or not your suggestion has been accepted. Upon receipt of our agreement, you have 14 days to decide whether to convert your proposal to a binding booking.

A limited space quota is available for each cruise. Price proposals are processed and taken into account according to the order in which they are received.

Price propositions are possible for one or more passenger(s) or for a full charter (for example: "My offer is XXX Euros for four people in two double cabins"). Price propositions are also possible for either single or multiple consecutive trips (for example, "I suggest XXX Euros for a combination of cruise no. 123 and no. 456").

Prices for solo travelers are valid for accommodation in a double cabin. The single cabin surcharge shall remain unaffected by this price action.

We are looking forward to your price offers - please contact us!

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Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Eye of the Wind.

Bleiben Sie mit uns in Verbindung – mit unserem kostenlosen „Logbuch“ informieren wir Sie in ca. fünf Ausgaben pro Jahr über attraktive Reiseziele, tolle Angebote, Gewinnspiele und interessante Neuigkeiten rund um das Schiff und unsere Crew.

Ihr Eye of the Wind Team