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In this category we give you answers to some frequently asked questions about your travel experience aboard the Eye of the Wind.

Do you have any further questions that are not listed in this section? Then please contact us, we will advise you individually.

In addition to contacting us by phone or e-mail, a chat function is also available at the bottom right of this page during our office hours.

The Eye of the Wind is underway all year round. Our sailing areas are selected in a way that we "follow the nice weather".

In the summer months, the ship usually travels to European territories along the shores of the North Sea and Baltic Sea and/or in the Mediterranean Sea.

The range of travel offers during the winter half-year includes cruises around the Canary Islands and through the Caribbean Sea.

Two annual Atlantic crossings (westward in autumn, eastward in spring) are also on the itinerary.

The sailing areas and ports vary from year to year. The destinations are a mix of large harbor towns, smaller villages, bays and anchorage spots. The ports of embarkation and debarkation are usually selected in a way that they are easily accessible by public transport.

No, for a participation in one of our sailing trips it is not necessary to have any previous experience.

The experienced crew of the Eye of the Wind is responsible for the ship operation and the sailing maneuvers. Our guests are welcome to help if they wish. The active participation in sailing maneuvers always happens on a voluntary basis and under the guidance of the crew. For climbing into the mast, harnesses are provided on board which meet the necessary safety requirements.

You may participate anytime, but you never have to.

Active participation in the sailing maneuvers is possible at any time, always on a voluntary basis and under guidance of our experienced crew. For climbing into the mast, harnesses are provided on board which meet the necessary safety requirements.

If you wish, you may also steer the ship yourself, following instructions and reading the compass. Other activities such as lookout and anchor watch are welcome, if you wish.

For the typical tasks of daily life on board - from "scrubbing the deck" to light maintenance work - also applies: Helping hands are welcome, the assistance is voluntary at any time.

As a general rule, the ship sails into a port nearly every day, leaving enough time for land exploration. The longer transfer trips are exceptions to this rule.

The itinerary and the stops and harbors given in our sailing plan are optional and may change at short notice due to wind and weather conditions. The captain often decides on the course of each stage on the same day and - whenever possible - also taking into account your wishes and requests. Since the movement under sails depends on the wind direction and strength, it is inevitable that some sections - sometimes longer stages - must be covered with the help of the engine. This comes into consideration especially in a calm or, for instance, on estuaries and in archipelago areas.

As a genearal rule, the ship is sailed during daytime before entering a harbor berth or an anchorage in the evening. During the longer so-called transfer trips, there will also be sailing or motoring during the night. In some ports and bays of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, the ship can not dock at a fixed berth due to its draft. In this case, the motorized dinghy will take you ashore. We usually do not offer guided land excursions; activities during shore leave are to be planned on your own. In many ports, our crew will be able to give you good advice on where to go and what to see.

You do not have to buy special sailing equipment. Here are some useful hints:

Bed linen and towels are provided in the cabins upon arrival.

A list of luggage recommendations will be sent to you upon completion of the travel reservation with your booking documents. You can preview this list in the section Practical Advise.

On sailing trips, it is advisable to bring warm and waterproof clothing regardless of the season. Water-repellent and windproof jackets and pants are useful. Further recommended are headgear (cap), non-slip and waterproof footwear and gloves. For safety reasons, please avoid wearing shoes with pointed or high heels on deck.

The weight of your luggage should not exceed 20 kilograms if possible. If arriving by plane, please also consider the baggage regulations of the respective airline. If possible, do not use hard-shell suitcases or bulky items of baggage as these can hardly be stowed away in the cabins. Use "soft bags" (eg travel bag, sports bag, duffel bag). Basically, it is advisable to take only as much luggage as necessary. When traveling on a sailing trip you do not need formal attire, and there is less space in the cabinets than you would expect from home.

Musical instruments and games enrich the social life aboard and may be brought along.

In case that you get seasick: It'll soon be over.

The Eye of the Wind is a traditional-style sailing ship and therefore has no stabilizers, as is common on large cruise ships. In other words, depending on the weather, it may rock a little every now and then.

To prevent you from seasickness, we recommend that you take vitamin C, preferably in the form of ginger products, that you get at the pharmacy, in the health food store or in the drugstore (this note should not be taken as a medical guide, please read the leaflet).

A basic note on medical care on board: An emergency pharmacy is at hand; the crew members are trained in first aid.

No, there isn't. We consciously do without this.

A sailing trip with the Eye of the Wind is hardly comparable to a cruise. Aboard our ship you will find neither shopping and spa services nor a sports or entertainment program.

Instead, you experience the nature around you very directly: weather changes, wind and waves, wildlife viewing and the landscape of the coast. Our guests are thrilled to be able to do without television, internet and mobile phones for hours or even days. Through personal conversations with your fellow travelers, an exchange of ideas develops up to new friendships.

Anyone who gets involved will never miss an entertainment program. Numerous entries in the guest books on board prove this.

For some of our guests, the first trip on a sailing ship may be a step into an unfamiliar environment. In this category we give you a compass to help you navigate on board a little better.

Do you have any further questions that are not listed in this section? Then please contact us, we will advise you individually.

In addition to contacting us by phone or e-mail, a chat function is also available at the bottom right of this page during our office hours.

A maximum of 12 guests can sail on board the Eye of the Wind.

In the lower deck there are six chambers, each with two bunks (beds). Each chamber is occupied by a maximum of two persons. In the exceptional case that parents want to travel with a child, three people can sleep in a chamber - the bunks are wide enough for this purpose.

The crew usually include eight to ten people. Their area is located in the front part of the lower deck. Altogether a maximum of 22 people can travel aboard the Eye of the Wind.

Six cabins, each with two bunks, are available on board the Eye of the Wind.

The lower deck has six double cabins, four of which are larger and two smaller. All cabins have their own bathroom with shower and toilet.

The central point in the lower deck is the so-called salon with library and sitting room as common area.

The exact arrangement and division of the chambers can be found in our on-board brochure, please take a look and scroll to page 9.

The cabins are comfortably equipped. Each two-person chamber has its own bathroom.

You will be accomodated in two-person cabins, as it is common on sailing ships. In addition to toilet, shower and air conditioning, standard electricity connections with 230 volts are available in each cabin. The power supply and the air conditioning or the heating system also work at sea (independently of the shore power connection) during the generator runtimes.

Sheets and towels are provided in the cabins.

You will usually stay in your room mainly to sleep. During the day you will hardly spend your time in the cabin, but preferably in the salon or on deck. Nevertheless, the cabins are cozily and comfortably furnished.

Please calculate with a restricted range of motion compared to the familiar everyday situations at home; also the storage space for luggage in the cabins is limited.

If available, a single room can be accommodated for a surcharge. If you wish, please contact us in time.

The cabins do not have their own safe. Cases of theft have never happened on board, so we practice "open doors" - also for security reasons.

Wi-Fi reception is not available in the cabins.

English and German is spoken on board.

Most of the time the international crew communicate in English. The majority of our guests comes from German and English speaking countries. If you ever have any difficulty in understanding, please ask a crew member nearby.

An on-board system ensures the supply of electricity and water.

Each cabin has standard 230 volt power connections. The power supply as well as the air conditioning or the heating system also function at sea (independently of the shore power connection) during the generator runtimes (usually in the morning and evening, in each case for several hours). However, please bring only those current consumers on board that you absolutely need.

The ship has a large fresh water tank, which provides for a sufficient supply of drinking and shower water for all people on board. The use of fresh water should happen in a reasonable and economical manner. When using the toilets, you do not have to save water because they are flushed with seawater.

An on-board Wi-Fi network is not available. Our tip: Just "switch off" during your vacation.

In ports and near the coast, reception is usually so good that the Internet works on mobile devices. An on-board Wi-Fi network or an on-board "Internet hotspot" are not available.

The communication system of the ship has an Internet connection, which is intended exclusively for nautical and ship operating purposes.

The on-board kitchen consistently receives top ratings in the customer satisfaction surveys. That is our claim and our promise.

All meals on board are included in our travel packages. You will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Depending on the daily routine (shore leave or time at sea), coffee and pastries will be served in the afternoon. Meals are shared in the so called "galley", the salon on the upper deck.

Coffee and tea are available during the day and water around the clock. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the on-board bar.

Regional ingredients are often used for the preparation of meals. Vegan or vegetarian meals can usually be prepared by the galley staff, as long as you inform us in a timely manner. If you are affected by special food allergies or intolerances (gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, etc.), please inform us in advance and bring any required food supplements, substitutes, medications, blockers, etc. in sufficient quantity on board.

We value individual consulting, because a happy journey begins with a good preparation. As a first orientation, we have put together a few questions and answers for you.

Do you have any further questions that are not listed in this section? Then please contact us, we will advise you individually.

In addition to contacting us by phone or e-mail, a chat function is also available at the bottom right of this page during our office hours.

Accommodation, full board ... and an unforgettable travel experience.


The travel price includes VAT, accommodation in a comfortable double cabin and full board (including all meals, welcome drink, table water, coffee and tea).

Each guest cabin is equipped with hot and cold running water, shower and toilet, bed linen, towels and air conditioning.

In the lower salon, the extensive on-board library (including DVD collection and TV) can be used.

If you want to actively participate in sailing and climb the mast, the safety equipment (climbing harness) is of course available free of charge.

After the end of the trip, we will send you the final group photo of your trip.

Not included in the price are arrival and departure, the fees for a possibly required entry visa for individual travel destinations, shore excursions and beverages from the on-board bar (softdrinks, beer, wine and spirits are offered).

An open word about pricing: Additional or hidden costs such as annual club or membership fees, a deposit for provisions and port mooring fees, an additional fee for the ship's cook, a fixed tip for the regular crew, up to the "diesel package " etc. do not apply. All of these ship operating and service costs are already included in the final fare.

We attach great importance to the statement that we do not sail with a frequently changing volunteer crew, but with a paid and permanent crew. The crew consists of captain, 1st mate, machinist, ship's cook and regular sailors. All crew members are familiar with the vessel even in difficult seafaring situations, which adds to your personal safety.

Yes, that is possible if a vacant cabin is available.

Single accommodation is usually at an additional cost of 50% of the regular travel fare. If you wish, please contact us in time.

Upwards: no. Downwards: hardly.

There is no age limit for participating in a sailing trip.

If you want to travel with children, please contact us in advance. Life jackets for kids are available on board. Long trips are indeed not suitable for children.

For the animal's sake: with restrictions only.

For day trips and short trips, it is basically possible to bring your own dog on board - the consent of the other sailors and an appropriate size of the animal provided. Please contact us in due time before departure.

Yes, that is possible. With a full charter, it's you who determines the course of your journey!

Would you like to spend an unforgettable time at sea with your family and friends, your club or the employees of your company? - For business and private sailing trips, daily events and multi-day trips: here you will find the right ship for your crew!

With an individual charter you turn the Eye of the Wind into your “own” ship. Unlike our day trips and cruises, you decide yourself on the port of departure, destination, course, and duration of your stay on board.

Details on this topic can be found in the Charter section of this website.

Voyage participants aged 16 to 25 sail with us as "trainees" at half the regular price.

To keep the traditional "seamanship" alive, we make it easier for adolescents and young adults to access the "Sailtraining" aboard the Eye of the Wind. Details on this topic can be found in the "Youth Program" section on this website.

Our company, the FORUM train & sail GmbH, has been the owner of the Eye of the Wind since 2009.

We are not an agency, but with us you will book your sailing trip "first-hand". We are, so to speak, a small shipping company with a single ship. Find out more about our company in the section "About us" on this website.

Depending on the destination: In most cases, a valid passport is sufficient.

Please bring your valid identity card or valid passport and boarding pass. Please bear in mind that if you are flying to the Caribbean, your passport should be valid for at least six months. In addition, visa or passport regulations must be observed when traveling to foreign countries.

Think of your flight, train or bus tickets!

If you own a nautical book, bring it with you, you will receive your mileage confirmation at the end of the trip.

A health precaution or health check is usually not necessary for participation in a sailing trip. You should have a good basic physical condition, so that you can hold on safely even in rough seas.

We recommend the conclusion of a private travel medical insurance including repatriation.

If you are dependent on medication, please bring your medication in sufficient quantity on board. Inform the office and the captain on board about your health condition (eg allergies, diabetics) beforehand. An emergency pharmacy is available on board; the crew members are trained in first aid and basic medical care.

A sunscreen with high SPF and possibly a good pair of sunglasses should not be missed in the luggage. Wearers of glasses should bring a spectacle strap to fix their glasses. For seasickness we recommend the intake of vitamin C, preferably in the form of ginger preparations that you receive in the pharmacy, health food store or drugstore (this note is not to be understood as a medical guide, please note the instructions for use and incompatibilities).

When traveling to foreign countries, necessary vaccinations should be observed.

For longer sailing trips, during which the ship will not go into port for a period of more than one week, or only under difficult conditions (eg crossing the Atlantic Ocean), a medical certificate must be submitted in advance. You will receive a leaflet from us with further information. Before traveling on those longer sailing trips, we recommend a visit to the dentist beforehand.

The ship is not barrier-free, so not suitable for handicapped people who rely on a wheelchair.

Yes. You may choose between invoice or PayPal as payment methods.

Before your payment, you will receive a booking confirmation first.

For details of payment, please refer to section 3 of our Terms and Conditions.

Our company FORUM train & sail GmbH is registered according to § 139 c tax code with the Business-Identification-Number DE 266 342 159.

Yes you can. (However, you would miss a great travel experience.)

The details of cancellation or rebooking of your reservation are described in sections 4 and 24 of our Terms and Conditions.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Eye of the Wind.

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