Amy Derksen 4 edited




I come from the Canadian Prairies, a very landlocked region. I started sailing dinghies as a sea cadet in my teenage years, and my interest grew into a passion for tall ships. I started sailing tall ships in 2011 and have loved it ever since. I spent 12 years volunteering as a watch leader and bosun's mate on square riggers, and in summer 2023 I realized my dream of making sailing my profession when I joined the Eye of the Wind as a deckhand.

Sailing with the Eye of the Wind is very special, as being on a small ship (well, compared to what I'm used to!) means we can go into smaller and more remote locations where bigger ships can't go. My favourite thing about being a deckhand here is working with our trainees – sharing my knowledge and experience with them, and watching them grow and develop during their time on board.

My dream sailing destinations are anywhere in the colder regions – Canadian arctic, Svalbard, Antarctica ... And I would love to do a Southern Ocean crossing ending with rounding Cape Horn.



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