Matrosin: Laura

Matrose Alex




I grew up on the Orkney Islands, where I could look out over the ocean from my room. I have sailed since my earliest childhood, first on small dinghies. At the age of 10 I became a member of the local sailing club and at 15 I took part in my first sailing camp in Dartmouth/England. The program there included one week of "sail training" on a tall ship. There I got a lot of inspiration and sailing knowledge ... and in me arose the desire to travel a lot.

Later I helped to refit a large schooner and spent a summer as a crew member on yachts, tall ships and schooners. During this time I was able to learn a lot from experienced sailors.

I have been a crew member on the Eye of the Wind since December 2020. I quickly made new friends here and was able to get to know people from different backgrounds. I am looking forward to my first Atlantic crossing under sail, and I would also enjoy a complete circumnavigation. I find the seldom visited places of the world especially appealing. So, I am looking forward to our next sailing trip together!


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