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If you want to accomplish a sailing manoeuvre successfully, you must set the goal, discuss the necessary maneuvers with your crew, distribute the roles and define responsibilities.

Under the guidance of experienced coaches and with the support of the captain and crew, in our trainings you will gather valuable experience that you can immediately apply in your daily professional life. You will learn what characteristics and behaviors will help you and which will prevent you from achieving your goals.

The Eye of the Wind is your attractive meeting room that lets you explore the country and people, and where the training and learning is much more fun. The reality of a ship and the maneuvers to be performed are far away from the usual laboratory conditions of conventional management trainings.


We will get your managers and teams on the right course

Today, leadership skills, networked collaboration and targeted communications are an integral part of everyday work in any successful company. As part of our high-quality seminars on board, you will learn not only what it really means when "everybody is in the same boat" and "pulling together," but also what to do when "something gets out of hand."

With the experience of over 100 training sessions conducted with over 800 satisfied seminar participants, we are your competent partner for goal-oriented team building activities and leadership training at sea.

All year around, we offer our three- to four-day trainings of the highest quality for a maximum of 12 participants per course. For a group of 6 persons or more we offer to choose your own training topic, date and trainer. Please contact us for more information.


The sailing ship as the basis for team optimization and guidance

Operating a vessel requires proactive, targeted planning as well as the ability to improvise and react flexibly to unforeseen circumstances. The general conditions on board are the perfect prerequisite to optimise and learn about situationally appropriate behaviour, a clear command structure, behaviour patterns of treating each other responsibly and an efficient distribution of roles. Through precise commands at the right time, it is possible to coordinate the strengths of the team. The experiences at sea accelerate the process of transformation from a "group" to a "team"!

Moreover, the "sailing adventure" makes it possible to get away from the daily responsibilities for a limited period of time. Surely, you have already found that some of your most creative ideas have arisen in situations where you were far away from your familiar surroundings. When sailing, you can let go, relax and appreciate the "wider horizon." Values and facts are used in relation; new findings come almost as second nature - the mind can keep pace. In the words of the famous writer Joseph Conrad:


"Anyone who comes home from sea, does not only have a different walk,

but also an entirely different attitude."

Our target group: Leaders, high performers, project teams, team players ...

Our circle of former students includes entrepreneurs, executives, team leaders, account managers, managers and anyone wishing to improve or enhance their team-building skills.

The versatile seminar offer is directed at companies that want to empower their managers to strengthen the commitment and motivation of their employees in a performance enhancing manner. In addition, we give both young and established leaders the opportunity to come to grips with a strong leadership culture and staff management in a challenging environment, and thereby obtain better results in the medium term.

The range of team-building seminars is aimed at newly formed project groups or teams from different management cultures who are still in the orientation phase and learning to understand the process of constructive team development with clear long-term yet flexible goals in mind. Alongside the seminar, we also offer the preparation and subsequent evaluation at your offices.

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