Deckhand: Manja


Crew Manja


My name is Manja

Position: Deckhand

I grew up on a ship since I was half a year old and have therefore been at home on the water all my life. My grandfather was then the owner of the gaff ketch Carmelan, built in 1927 and named after a good-natured water spirit. From the home port of Flensburg/Germany, we did sailing trips with guests in the area of the Danish South Sea. I went to kindergarten and school from the ship, spent my holidays on board, and at some point I had the thought on my mind: "I want to become like my grandfather and go to sea."

I learned about the Eye of the Wind from our captain Pit, who was the skipper of our family ship for about 15 years. Furthermore, the father of one of our mates was a close friend of my grandfather, so I was told a lot about the Eye of the Wind. At the age of 23 I got the chance to get to know the ship and her crew. After two cruises as a trainee, I have been part of the regular crew as deckhand since April 2019.

The most beautiful aspect about the Eye of the Wind is really her unique atmosphere. I have also never experienced the cooperation of the crew members on any other ship in such a way: no matter in which composition we work together on board, it is simply always fun and there is a harmonious mood within the crew and our guests. A further bonus is the pleasant, compact size of the ship. I really enjoy sailing here!

My dream destination with the Eye of the Wind? - I would like to go to Madagascar one day, because there is actually a city there that has the same name as me! Manja is not located on the coast but in the interior, but I can imagine a longer stay with a trip to "my" city very well. Until then, hopefully we will see each other on board at some other nice sailing trip!


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