My name is Xavier

Position: Engineer

Bonjour, I'm from Rouen in French Normandy. At the age of 19, I began to study Naval Architecture in England for four years.

I discovered sailing in 2007 - I was so enthusiastic that I spent an entire year on a yacht in the Caribbean. After that, I went back to France, where I attended the Merchant Navy School for another two years. After five years as an engineer on different supertankers, I switched to a private yacht in 2016, where I worked as a machinist.

In the meantime, I also worked for the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd before volunteering aboard a cargo ship, sailing into Barbados. There I met the Eye of the Wind for the first time in 2019. The decision to join her crew was easy.

On board, I'm often "invisible" when I'm in the engine room, because I like to work thoroughly - and that may take a little bit longer. I look forward to meeting you aboard! Visiting the port city of Valparaiso in Chile one day with the Eye of the Wind ... that would be the fulfillment of a dream for me.


Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Eye of the Wind.

Bleiben Sie mit uns in Verbindung – mit unserem kostenlosen „Logbuch“ informieren wir Sie in ca. fünf Ausgaben pro Jahr über attraktive Reiseziele, tolle Angebote, Gewinnspiele und interessante Neuigkeiten rund um das Schiff und unsere Crew.

Ihr Eye of the Wind Team