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First Mate: Bouke


Bouke hoch



My name is Bouke

Position: First Mate

At the age of 19, I started sailing in the Wadden Sea off the Dutch port of Harlingen. From the beginning I had a lot of fun traveling with guests on the water. After two years in my homeland, I wanted to go further and sailed as a mate on a three-masted gaff schooner on the Baltic Sea. I earned my sailor's papers at the Enkhuizen Maritime School.

My first trip with the Eye of the Wind started in Málaga and went to the Canary Islands, westward across the Atlantic and on to the Caribbean. Especially on the transatlantic leg we had a lot of fun in a good group of permanent-crew members and fellow sailors.

I just love our Eye of the Wind - she's a traditional and beautiful sailing ship that requires a lot of manual ork and has a good crew. I'm looking forward to our next trip together!

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