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The Eye of the Wind is owned and operated by FORUM train & sail GmbH, an entersprise of FORUM MEDIA GROUP, a global publishing company specialized in publications for the technical press and non-corporate end-consumers.

The FORUM MEDIA GROUP - we are expert creators of:

  •     Information
  •     Education
  •     Entertainment

Are you curious about the meaning of the bullet points above? Then we have achieved our first goal: to make you curious and to surprise you time after time.

Let us briefly describe our vision using a few images:

  •     We are an internationally active company. Our customers are located all over the world. We may not yet have a presence in every country, but our business model is applicable everywhere and we intend to have a global presence.
  •     People who have to make decisions need information. The more precisely the information is tailored to their requirements, the more valuable and useful the information is. We are especially good at giving decision-makers what they require.
  •     Lifelong learning should be useful and enjoyable. We understand this and use the knowledge for our customers’ benefit.
  •     Everyone wants to be entertained and needs to relax sometimes. Whenever you use media for relaxation, we are there to support.

Now you know our vision, which is also found in our slogan:

„Our knowledge for your success”

We have one more aim: whenever you are involved with our services, our products and our employees, it is our goal that the benefits you obtain will always outweigh the money and effort you have spent. Messure us on these goals!

If you would like to know more about the company with this vision, then please carry on reading. If you like what you see, meet us and share this vision with us – as a customer, a business partner or an employee.

We are looking forward seeing you – challenge us!

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Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an der Eye of the Wind.

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Ihr Eye of the Wind Team